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Whenever you want, choose the psychologist who is suitable for you from our expert psychologist staff, with whom you can communicate in video-audio-written communication, from anywhere, and start therapy.


How does it work?

Getting online therapy service is as easier and practical as shopping online. You can easily access the online therapy service whenever and wherever you want by following the steps to choose a psychologist, pay and start therapy from the table on the side.

Choose a Psychologist

Select the category related to the topic you want to consult your psychologist about. Choose one of the psychologists serving in that category. Make your appointment on the day and time you want from the specialist's availability calendar.

Make the payment

Make your payments easily and securely with your credit card with payment system integration.

Start Therapy

When your appointment time arrives, start talking on your phone or computer and keep your mental health in balance with regular sessions.

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What Are the Benefits of Online Therapy?

Online therapy has been presented as a practical method of addressing people's needs, in particular during the Covid-19 period. Thereafter, the advantages of online therapy services were also accepted by users and got ahead of traditional therapy services. Particularly the convenience provided by both the specialist and the client has provided the rise of online therapy. Receiving therapy whenever and wherever you want, while providing ease of time management, continues as a rising sector integrated with technology.


Time Management

You can save time with online therapy services. You will not encounter time-consuming conditions such as time spent in traffic or waiting at the psychologist's office on the way to therapy.

Anywhere You Want

Online therapy services do not depend on the location. You can specify the time period you are available for from wherever you want and start therapy immediately.

Practical solutions

Online therapy services offer more practical solutions than traditional therapy. You will not come across with stressful situations such as changing a psychologist or researching a psychologist.

Easy Communication

You will not come across with situations that will create a question mark in your mind, such as price/session fee, while receiving online therapy services. You can find out the content of all services in seconds.

How it works

Choose your field, determine your expert

Choose the expert who will help you find personalized answers to questions in your mind.

Sign up, design your conversation

With the appointment system, you can determine the appropriate time with your consultant, and request your call, either by video or on the phone.

Make an appointment, start your journey

You can complete your appointment according to the interview request and the specialist.

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With 11+ years of experience as a psychologist  I specialized family, couple and  individual therapy



I have been working as a specialist psychologist for 12 years. My area of expertise is infant, child and adolescent psychology.



 I have been working as a specialist psychologist for 7 years.



I have been working as a specialist psychologist for over 20 years in different countries from all over the world

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Online therapy has been offered to people as a practical method of meeting their needs, especially during the Covid-19 period. Afterwards, the advantages of online therapy services were also appreciated by the users and surpassed the traditional therapy services.

Receiving therapy services from wherever you want, whenever you want, provides ease of time management and continues to be a rising sector integrated with technology.